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If you’ve ever wondered, even just for a second, about any of the following, then I’m about to shed some light into your life:

  1. Why does this guy spend so much time out riding/paddling, doesn’t he have a life?
  2. Why does his girlfriend and best mate get stuck renovating his kitchen while he’s off cycling around Europe?
  3. Why does he spend so frickin’ much on bike maintenance?
Well, let me explain …
A couple of weeks ago, my fire alarm started beeping at me indicating that it needed the battery changing (oops) and so (about a week later) I finally got around to buying a new battery.
Which is when I somehow managed to break the fire alarm.
This kind of sucked, but it was also kind of cool, because it meant I got to buy a new one, so I was quickly engrossed on finding out all about the best smoke alarms (did you know there are different types for smoke vs flame fires? I didn’t) and then after deciding that I couldn’t decide which type to buy, I of course went for the option of just buying the most expensive one which picks up everything.

Then I went to install it and this brings me to the crux of why I ride so much … I mean installing a smoke alarm is pretty easy right?
You just drill a couple of holes, screw the base in and you’re done …
But no, apparently that’s not the case, and my ceiling now has more holes in it than a frickin’ dart board.
And that’s why I should be out on a bike or a boat whilst paying other people to fix my house and toys. 
Anyone know any good handypersons?

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