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Kim headed off with the kids today to help Antony move house, and so I was left with the request to just neaten the place up a bit if I had time as Bec and Anthony were coming around for dinner tonight.

This was a reasonable request, so after walking the dogs and doing my weekly accounts, I went outside and mowed the lawns (I even mowed in front of the neighbours house which took longer than mowing our lawns), I raked up all of the loose leaves and dirt that had accumulated under our outside sitting area over the winter, I de-cobwebed and cleaned all of the outside seats and tables, I vacuumed the floors, I did a load of washing, I fixed a broken screw in one of the dining room chairs, I cleaned out all of the stuff from Kim’s old car in case someone came around to buy it, I emptied the bins, the recycling container and the compost, I washed down all of the bench tops and tables and I even plumped the cushions in the lounge.

I worked solidly for four or five hours getting all that done, and was feeling quite proud of myself as I cracked open a Fat Yak and sat down on the couch …

Which, sure enough, was when Kim and the kids walked back through the front door all tired from their house moving activities with lots of news to tell from their exciting day …

Tell me if I’m wrong, but I think I’m beginning to understand how a 1950’s housewife may have felt …


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