Three Capes Walk – Day 3

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So I know that the whole three capes experience is meant to be a fancy-smancy premium walking experience and all that, but (and I think this is a fair question to ask) … tile mosaics in the duckboards … is that a step too far?

And if that’s reasonable, what about a two kilometre long lizard/snake duckboard thing …

or a giant orange symbolic sex something …

Yep, these are the things that are used to distract and amuse you as you walk some of the less interesting sections of the third day of the walk which then gets you to the more interesting areas, which look like this …

The blade – notice the person at the very top.
And at the very top of the blade

Today’s walk was 17km, but 14km of that is an out and back walk to the blade where you only need to carry a day pack (or a few essentials) making it a fairly easy walk.

It’s also a good day to get up early and see the sunrise from the helipad or deck …

And that’s really all I’ve got to say about day 3 of the walk.

OK – except I gotta ask again – tile mosaics – really? is it too much?

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