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When Kim and I bought our house a year or so ago we hit what I expect is a fairly common dilemma: neither of our fridges fit into the kitchen space set aside for the fridge …

Fridge must fit here … and be right side opening.
After a bit of back and forth with the sellers, we ended up buying their fridge.
A fridge that we paid quite a lot for and which broke dow six months after we bought it.
Sometimes you just get unlucky.
Anyway, we celebrated the fact that we got to spend lots of money firstly trying to get it fixed and then buying a brand new fridge which looked pretty much exactly like the old fridge that we had bought with the house.
Insert small (and expensive) celebration here.
Then we forgot about the fridge, like you do, because really … it’s a fridge and even I know that the ratio of how many blog posts you can write about fridges compared to other things is pretty low if I want to keep my readership out of the single figures.
Then a few days ago, this happened …
A red light appeared on the door.
Now when you’ve just been through the fridge breakdown process that we’ve been through, red lights cause great levels of anxiety (as this was a pre-cursor to our last fridge breakdown) and so after pressing lots of buttons in the fridge to see if I could get it to turn off (I couldn’t) I then studiously ignored it for three days hoping it would go away (it didn’t go away) and then I resorted to truly desperate measures and I dug out the manual to find out what this red light meant.
Thankfully I was able to take a big sigh of relief – it just meant that the filter for the water-filter in the door was used up and needed replacing, which was a relief because …. we’d never installed or connected the water filter …
Hmmm … so I’m not saying that it sounds a bit dodgy that my fridge has decided that what I’d guess would be a rather expensive water filter that isn’t even installed needs replacing, but gee whiz I want too.   
In the meantime, you’ll have to go an excuse me as I have to go and buy a new water filter for our brita … for the third time this week*

 * not really – but am I the only one that thinks these filters really don’t last very long?
I wonder if they’re made by the same companies that make ink cartridges.

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