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I did a good thing today …

I think.

I went and helped groom the new (still to be opened) Caves Track in the Meehan Ranges.

At least I think I helped.

I did get to drive my pretend 4WD (Mitsubishi Outlander) up into the Meehan and that was cool … mainly because it actually made it up to the top …

I just wish I’d thought to turn my strava on.

So my concern is this – I don’t really understand the purpose of trail grooming, especially as these trails already looked better than what I normally ride on 95% of the time …

But I still dutifully banged and bashed and raked and hoed the new trail like everyone else … and basically tried to figure out exactly what I was doing it for.

We made good progress (we got over half way) and did good work (at least so I was told) but other than being told that the idea was to get rid of dips and grooves and holes I still didn’t know what I was doing.

Not that that’s anything unusual.

The good news is that I don’t think I caused any harm, and the trail does look like it’s going to be awesome to ride …

So that’s my good deed for the week.

I can’t wait for it to be opened so I can see what it’s like to ride …


  1. In my mind ramble means to walk(ride) slowly and without purpose and also to use more words than necessary to get to the point :). But yes, while these trails are built for mountain biking, they could be walked. There's better walking options though with less likelihood of encountering cyclists at speed …

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