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If we’d been sitting here this time last week, and you ‘d asked “So, what you up to next week?”  I would probably have replied something boring like “work, work and more work – if I’m lucky I might get some study in“.

Funny thing is that if you’d asked me the same question about 6.27pm on Wednesday, I probably would have replied something like “Well, I’m supposed to be having tomorrow off on study leave to work on my as yet unstarted University thesis which is due in 10 days … but I have to go to work as I’ve got to write an XXX ” (I better not tell you the last bit so I can’t be accused of talking about work in this blog – not that anyone would do such a thing).

Then, at 6.28pm, I received a text (albeit I didn’t read it for another 30 minutes because I was riding home).

It was the sort of text that really catches your attention and changes the whole flow of your week.

A few more texts were exchanged  just clarifying a few details that what I thought was being said was really being said …

Then one hour 36 minutes after that text …. well you know that Surly ECR that I was dreaming about a few weeks ago … I own it.


N=10.  Now I’m in double digit maybe people will start taking me seriously.

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