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I may have mentioned in the past my dream to build my stable of bikes to twelve.

I may even have mentioned, in that very same post, that my dream bike could very well be the Surly Krampus 29+.

Well that was before Surly brought out the ECR …

Now I’ll be honest, the Surly ECR reminds me a bit of a moose … it just seems like it’s been put together wrong, no matter which angle you look at it from, and yet despite that I haven’t been able to shake that annoying feeling that the ECR could be my perfect bike – it can take tyres up to 3 inch, it can take virtually any configuration of drive and braking system and it is built to tour …  in a slow, rambling, not going to break down, sort of way.

I wasn’t however sure about those Jones Loop handlebars .

and the $3000+ price tag was a bit daunting as well … but who knows maybe they’ll make me redundant at work and I could buy one, retire, and ride around the world for a year or three …

Anyway, although I can’t afford one, a mate of mine could, and he bought one and was kind enough tonight to let me take it for a little spin …  (and, no, I did not beg him mercilessly until he gave it to me just to shut me up – and for once I’m telling the truth)

My little spin, turned into a slightly longer spin …

and then just kept on going …

The ride of this bike is unlike anything I have every ridden in my life, it just grips the ground like nothing else I have ever ridden, and I was hooked.  I took it down steep drops, up steep hills, along fast flowing coastal paths and across roots and dips and it just ate it all up, while lazily looking back at me saying “is that really all you’ve got?”   (It was).

The only slight concern I had with the ECR was getting lift into the bike using the Jones Loop handlebar to get over obstacles, but at the same time those would be the most comfortable touring handlebars I could imagine.

Overall I quickly fell in love with this bike and it was only the concern that I wouldn’t get back in time to return it that stopped me taking it down just one more section of track …

The only reservation I have now is whether the Surly World Troller might not be a better fit for me given it is a break down bike …

Oh the problems I have to face.

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  1. I've been riding one for a couple of years now, I love it awesomely comfy for all kinds of riding including just pootling around town with the missus. If you can afford it, you won't regret it.

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