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One of the things we were encouraged to do during the leadership course was to try and articulate our “Leadership Philosophy”.  I really enjoyed listening to other peoples philosophies, though to be honest have not yet fully articulated my own.

On the last day of the course we were given a chance to put out some of our thinking to the group. These are my notes that I spoke from.
Leadership Philosophy

I don’t aspire to being a leader.

I do, however, aspire to having exciting, challenging, fun, unique experiences.

… and so I need to be in a leadership position at work, because that’s where the fun is in what I do for five days a week, 8 hours a day.

I don’t work to live and I don’t live to work … I live to spend my time doing fun things. 

Work for me should just be another one of those fun things.

A general observation I’ll make on my life is that I’ve got to where I am by being smarter and better at solving problems than the others around me. I am a specialist at solving problems.

Going forward, my career won’t be driven forward by being smarter or better than others … most of my bosses are smarter and quicker than me.

Therefore the techniques I’ve used to distinguish myself have become a liability, not an asset … I need to change.

I need to do new things.

So what do I believe?

I believe in having fun, in challenging ourselves
I believe that life should be about seeing the invisible and doing the impossible
I believe in leaving a legacy
I believe that when we look back over our lives it should be rich with stories.

I believe that there’s always time for a good cup of coffee and we should always make time for what we love to do.

One day I might actually try and articulate that into a Philosophy, but for now I at least wanted to capture those thoughts.

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