The one where I saved a sheep …

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So Sunday was a weird day.

I was at home, working hard on my Uni essay, and then suddenly and mysteriously I found myself in my kayak floating on the water off Lauderdale Beach …

I have no idea how that happened at all … but seeing as how I was there I figured I may as well go for a paddle.

And so that’s what I did.

I headed off towards Seven Mile Beach, well at least that’s where I started going, but I didn’t get there because as I was coming around the cliffs … I found a sheep.

Can you see the sheep down there in the shadows.

The poor thing had somehow fallen down the cliff and got itself stuck in a narrow little crease in the rock where you would only see it … well, if you were paddling along 5 metres off-shore on a calm day.

My first thought was “that’s weird” and then I started to paddle on …

My second thought was “Actually, maybe I should do something … like try and find the owner or call the RSPCA“.

Then my third, and bestest thought in the world was “I CAN SAVE MRS SHEEPY!!!“.

And that’s what I set off to do …

I was very responsible about it, I let Kim know what I was about to do (she didn’t think my rescue plan was quite as brilliant as I did) and then I climbed down the cliffs, told Mrs Sheep (who was very emaciated and had obviously been there for some time) that I was there to help (I had to explain this a few times as sheep aren’t that sharp) and then once she understood my intentions, I managed to basically pick her up and lift her up onto a shelf from where (with a little bit of help) she was able to scramble to the top.

One sheep saved, and that made for a good day.

And that’s why I didn’t do my homework … ¬†true story.


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