Winter Commute Challenge – Week 8

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I went home via Rokeby hills again on Thursday night.

Daylight recreation (looks so much different at night)

Yea I got lost (again) and it took more time than I had allowed for to get home, but while everyone else was sitting in their nice warm cars, or at home in front of their TV’s, I was sitting at the top of a new road that isn’t yet on ListMap or even Google, breathing in big gulps of air as I looked at the world below me.

Laid out in front of me was the whole of Hobart lit up at night … just for me, just because I was there.

God it was beautiful.

I eventually found a track leading off into the bush (I knew it was there as I had come out on it the other day and seen the road), then I found a new track, and then I found a way out the other side … but I haven’t yet found a ‘great’ way through the hills from Tranmere to Rokeby.

Which just means I can go back and try again next week.

I also found my way through Rokeby this time, and rocked up at home knowing that I had rocked another week of the Winter Commute Challenge (3 rides).

That’s eight weeks in.

Six weeks to me, two to winter.

Twenty one cycling days to me, with just twelve going to winter.

I was doing so well that on Friday I took the day off, drove most of the way in and then rode my folding bike into work …

I look so good on that bike.

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