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I woke up the other day and, like most mornings, I first extracted myself out from under the dogs who are still used to my side of the bed being their side of the bed, and then picked up my phone to have a quick scan of my emails to see if I’d received yet another thirty-two email alerts telling me that there was a brilliant aurora on …  six hours ago … which of course I had now missed.

I love learning that I missed yet another great Aurora.  It’s like that time I traveled all the way over to British Columbia to go paddling with Orcas only to come home and find that all the Orcas on the whole entire planet had been swimming past Maria Island while I was away.

And there was probably some blue whales with them too.

Those sort of things just make me happy.

The good news was that there wasn’t any aurora alert emails, but what was a little more depressing was that there weren’t any emails.

How’s that song go …

Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, thing I’ll go eat worms …

So … I didn’t really think much of it at first, but then my mind slowly ticked over and I thought “hang on … where’s my daily amazon email?  where’s all the junk subscriptions I have to delete ..?” 

I mean receiving no emails is just weird.

So thinking maybe was something wrong with my phone, I logged into my bigpond account and found something really depressing.

I’d been hacked.

And the cunning little so and so’s hadn’t just hacked into my account and taken it over, no they’d hacked in and then forwarded all my emails to their own account.

Then they’d got onto ebay and tried to recover my password.

… and maybe tried to do other bad things which I don’t yet know about.

To be honest, it was all a bit  annoying and violating.

Thankfully for me, after having my websites hacked on multiple occasions, most of my accounts have different passwords and my passwords generally look something like this

… which although annoyingly difficult to remember, also means my passwords are annoyingly difficult to hack.
… well except for my good old bigpond account, which did get hacked, because it still has the same “helloworld” password that I had set it up when I got my first internet account back in 1996.
If orange is the new black (yes, I have subscribed to Netflix and it is addictive) then hacking is the new privacy violation.
Think I might take it a bit more seriously in future.
But then I also tell myself every night that the dogs are not sleeping on my side of the bed, and I will wake up and see an aurora alert in time to see one … I really will.

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