Mount Cameron Circuit

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Imagine 30kms of challenging trail that offers changing landscapes and great riding in the north east of Tasmania …

You can even imagine it goes around a dam or two if you want.

Then imagine it’s not the Blue Derby trails.
Got that in your head?
Now imagine you’ve got the whole 30kms of trail all to yourself.
Got that?
Then welcome to the Mount Cameron circuit.
Yes, I’ll admit up front that this isn’t gorgeous single track designed for mountain biking, and yes I came into this ride with very low expectations, but still … as far as good old school adventure riding goes … this trail is gold.

This isn’t a trail you throw onto the end of a trip up to the Blue Tiers because you’ve already done the other trails: this is a trail worth coming up to ride in its own right.

Yes, if you haven’t figured it out yet – I was rather smitten by this trail.
Rather smitten indeed.
So what did I love about it so much?
To be honest, it’s hard to put my finger on it.  I started from a point which for most people would be about 2/3rds the way around (because I’d been warned about the soft sand along one section and so wanted to ride that first) but there had been 20 mls of rain the night before and the riding was great.
I was straight into crossing open plains on fast open trail, dodging puddles and just enjoying myself.
I got worried when I hit a loose gravely area with trails heading off anywhere, but the riding was fine just so long as I didn’t try and change direction too quickly …

and the scenery was pretty cool too …

After hitting a small lake, I was then really surprised to find myself riding through lovely little forest, and after a wrong turn or two (all planned of course) I found myself riding on some gorgeous overgrown trail which was the real highlight of the ride.

There were a couple of small wooden bridges which I went across … but wouldn’t recommend anyone else use as they felt pretty dodgy.

After a bit of a play at Blue Lake, I then got ready for a bit of a ride along the highway to get to the Mt Cameron firetrail … but instead I found this lovely little section of track running under the powerlines instead …

It was actually quite nice coming out onto the bitumen after that and logging some faster kilometres before coming to the signed junction of the Mt Cameron Fire Trail.

The Mt Cameron firetrail has all sorts of signs warning that you are riding it at your own risk …

and it isn’t easy riding, but it is fun.  Lots of foothills around Mount Cameron to climb and descend (with nice views on offer) and more importantly it offers lovely washed out and rutted lines and plenty of drainage lines to have fun in.

After passing the turn off up to the school camp (and the start of the walk to the top of Mt Cameron if you are that way inclined) the road really improves, and it’s a fast and undulating ride back to where I started.

So as you can see … there’s no ‘wow’ moment in the whole ride, but at the same time the diversity of trail conditions and the journey around Mount Cameron just combine to make what to me is a wonderful ride.

You gottta love the North East right now. 

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