Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club 2015 AGM – White Beach

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In some ways this weekend was supposed to be my big weekend … it was my final weekend as Commodore of the Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club.

The weather was looking fine, the membership turn up was looking good, next years Executive was all lined up … everything was looking perfect …

Except … because of my little bridge accident two days earlier, I couldn’t actually paddle – So I got beach duty … which involves making sure everyone comes back in and basically lots of standing around on the beach chillaxing … it wasn’t too hard at all.

After a great communal dinner, the AGM went as smooth as silk and just like that … I was no longer the Commodore.


I closed the formal meeting around 8pm, looking forward to sitting back and finally seeing Lynne and Tim’s presentation of their recent(ish) Alaskan paddle adventure.

That’s when I reached into my pocket and noticed my car keys weren’t there.

Two hours later, the presentation was still going, but I hadn’t seen a minute of it … I’d walked the campground with my head-torch umpteen times, I’d completely emptied my car (and every bag in it) twice, and I’d even raked over the dinner area and parts of the beach to see if it might have been hidden in the gravel or sand.

Finally, foot sore and frustrated, I gave up around 10pm determined to start again with the day’s new light … this wasn’t the casual integration into normal membership that I’d expected.


Postscript – my keys did turn up.  I was woken around 11.30pm.  Our new Commodore had somehow picked up my keys and put them in her pocket.  It’s one of those moments where you’re so happy to see something, you just can’t bring yourself to be cross.

So back to the main point – no longer Commodore, no longer on the committee – Yay!

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