Don’t argue with the Bridge …

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Some things just aren’t fun, no matter how you spin them.

Crashing into the Tasman Bridge on your bike is one of those things …

It was just one of those unfortunate accidents … a combination of strong winds blowing down the river, a metro bus going past at the wrong moment, and my not being able to control my bike.

The result was my catapulting over the handlebars after smashing my hand (and the right brake lever) into the bridge railing.

The damage to my hand looked pretty bad …

notice the bruise on the knuckle

plus I had bad bruising all over my right shoulder and leg.

I also destroyed the flight deck (combination brake/gears) on my road bike which I’m still waiting (two weeks later) to get repaired, but a big shout out to Ride Bellerive who let me stumble (bleeding) through their front door with a smashed up bike and quickly got both me and my bike back out onto the road in the best condition they could … and all at no charge.

kudos for that, but my take home message – don’t crash into the bridge.  It hurts.

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