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I went to the Doctor’s today to get some skin cancer scary thing on my leg checked out and whilst there I was reminded that I hadn’t updated my address details for Medicare.

So at lunch today, I logged onto the Medicare website to update my address details.

Where I was reminded I had to use MyGov to do this.

So I searched through my old emails until I found my random alpha-numeric user-id (yes, you can’t use something as simple as your email as your user id, you get sent a random alpha numeric id).

I then had to get them to send me a new password …  which of course required SMS phone and a secret pass code identification.

I then logged in, which required another SMS phone identification, and I had to answer another of my secret questions.

Then I went to change my address, and I had to answer yet another secret question.

I then finally got to change my address (yay) and I was asked to fill in a satisfaction survey (which I did saying what an excellent service it was as I do like the idea of being able to notify Government just once of an address change and then have this flow through to all Departments).

Two hours later, I got an email (I kid you not and wait for this …) asking me to log into MyGov … to read an email notification (yes, they couldn’t just email me the email).

So, I looked up my special username again and typed it in.

I then typed in my password (I remembered it)

I (of course) then had to enter another SMS code that was sent to my phone, and then I finally read my email …

Yep, after all that – it didn’t work.

Surely, only the Government could make making things easier … so much harder.

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