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We went to the circus …  Yay!

It was pretty cool, and I especially liked the clowns …

I reckon it would be tough to be a traveling circus nowadays, as you have to compete with youtube and hollywood … where the audience (me) is always comparing you against the best in the world, and unlike youtube you don’t get to do retake after retake until it looks perfect.

Zara managed to lose one of her thongs on the way in (she tripped and it fell under the seating) which caused much stress (until the kind staff retrieved it at the intermission), but my strongest memory of the event was the beverages …

With cans of coke costing $4 each, and the kids wanting candy floss and popcorn (and, and, and …)  we didn’t seem to eat much, but my wallet says we went out for a four course dinner.

Still, it is the circus, and it was cool … I’m just disappointed I couldn’t convince the kids to run away with it … or let me practice my awesome knife throwing skills on them afterwards.  

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