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GyPSy, for those of you who haven’t met her, is my Navman EZY15 Car Navigation GPS.

GyPSy has been written about a lot in this blog as she tends to navigate rather badly … which is a shame given that’s why she joined our little family.

Unfortunately, it seems that dementia may also be creeping into her life.

After our little ride at Nowa Nowa MTB Park, I plugged in our nights destination and was somewhat surprised when Gyps told us to head left out of the carpark.

This was surprising because the highway we came off was to our right, and only about 1km away. However thinking that maybe there was a shortcut through to the highway to our left, we trusted her instruction, turned left, and headed off up the road.

The road was less than confidence inspiring, but we could see that it was only 3kms until we were to turn right onto another road which we presumed would drop us onto the highway.

Then we got to the promised junction, turned right and saw this …

Yep, Gypsy had ignored a perfectly good highway, and decided to send us three kilometres down a road to then go four wheel driving instead.

Five minutes later (and despite Gypsy’s numerous pleas for us to do a U turn and return back down this road) we came back out onto the highway and continued on our way.

You gotta love her sense of adventure (though we never did see where this road connected back out onto the highway).

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