And then there was the rain …

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As we drove north from Nowa Nowa, we could see some amazing storm clouds gathering to our left and as we saw the occasional lightning flash we spoke of how cool it would be to see a real thunderstorm.

By Cann River the first tendrils of the storm had reached us.

By the time we’d got to Eden the rain was like a wall of water.  We could barely see in front of us. We finally pulled over in Merimbula, about 25kms short of our intended destination for the night, and booked ourselves into a hotel … on top of the biggest hill we could find.

This was a good thing because that night Merimbula had 10cms of water gushing down it’s main street … it even made the news.

But it also destroyed the primary reason we had come to Canberra this way … we’d come to glamp it up.  Instead we sat in a small hotel room eating fish and chips (which took thirty minutes to prepare).

So not worth the extra 1000kms of travel.

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