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I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the Nowa Nowa MTB Park which was just the other side (probably 30kms) of Lakes Entrance.

Trailmate didn’t give much away other than to say that it was fun and that if you had limited time to just ride up track one and then ride down track two.

We’d however noticed in the Coloquhoun trail notes that it referred to Nowa Nowa as a downhill MTB park … which wasn’t our cup of tea at all, but not knowing what you know until you know it we headed into the lower carpark (it’s well signed), hauled out the bikes and set off up trail one (named the uphill track) to see what we would see …

What we found out is that Nowa Nowa is, sort of, a downhill park … but not really.

It has one uphill track, and four downhill tracks, and you can do an easy car shuffle from the bottom car park to the top car park rather than riding the uphill track … so, yes, it fits the definition of a downhill MTB Park.

But, based on our small taste of it, it would have to be considered either a downhill mountain bike park for beginners or a cross country park set out like a downhill park.

The ‘uphill’ track was really, really easy riding (for an uphill track), though it took me about 25 minutes to get to the top at a moderate pace, not the 10-15 minutes it says in trailmate (but then based on my race times compared to ‘proper riders’  that sounds about right) and then the ride back down trail 2 was a hoot and showed that we really had ridden up a lot further and higher than we’d thought as it really was a pretty decent downhill run, but it was more like a cross country downhill run than a downhill, downhill run if that makes senses.

So we enjoyed our short visit to Nowa Nowa MTB Park.

We didn’t enjoy it enough to think it was worth riding back up to the top to do another run (especially as this was our second ride of the day and we still had about 300kms to drive), but we did enjoy it.  I also didn’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as the Coloquhoun Forest trails (but Kim did, maybe because she didn’t crash here).

And that’s really all I’ve got today about that as we’ve got some driving to do to get to our next destination …

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  1. Great review Tassie rambler. We went to Colquhoun today and were trying to figure out if Nowa Nowa was going to be too hard, going to give it a crack now. Thanks heaps

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