Colquhoun Forest

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I’m half wondering if Colquhoun might be a local aboriginal word for “place that would be heaven if it weren’t for the mozzies“.

My idea of mountain biking paradise is a good loop trail which gives you the chance to enjoy the scenery with a bit of a challenge thrown in here and there, and of course it has to go through an area where I want to stop and take lots of pictures …

Colquhoun Forest, which is between Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance,  has all of that in droves.

Setting off …
Straight into gorgeous flowing trail down a creek line
First little hurdle for the day … bring it on
… or maybe we’ll go around.
Lots of pretty photo stops.
That black dot is Kim on the ground having just gone flying over her handlebars at  the top
of one of the ‘lollipop’ drops.  In her defence, I’d just gone over there and thought
“oh*t that’s steep and badly rutted”, but got down.  She’d come over thought “Oh, g*sh” touched her front brakes
and the rest was history.

The lollipop run was so fun …
Like, really, really fun.
More gorgeous trails …
Enjoying where we were.
… and then there’s a couple of these to let you know when to ride.
Enjoying a short bit of rail trail
Kim going over one of the ramps.
Colquhoun forest, unfortunately, also has droves of mosquitoes, and conversely not a single other mountain biker in site.
Yep, almost felt like Tassie with the trails all to ourselves.

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