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Seems everyone around me is doing brag projects at the moment.

Kim is busy renovating her house … painting and cleaning and changing taps and I don’t know … other house stuff.

A friend of mine, cath, has recently been posting about a cool “7 projects in 7 days” challenge she set herself … which included creating cool things like yoghurt covered kangaroos (though that sounds more like a meal than a challenge to me) …

Stolen picture from Cath’s blog.

And so I thought I might share a project I recently undertook …

It started way back in October last year (my project is more like “1 project in 7 months”) when I found myself returning from Europe with around 500 euros still sitting on my travel card.

With no plans for how I might use this money, I cashed out my card and bought myself a beautiful new 3mx3m absco shed that looked something like this  …

At least it would have if I put it together.

Which I didn’t do for a while.

A very long while.

Some might say an exceedingly long while.

But then about six weeks ago, I finally got myself organised and with the help of my nephew, Sam, we spent a solid day building here and constructing there and 14 pages of connecting part 58A to part 14C later, voila …

… I had a shed.

… well except for one small detail … they had sent me the wrong roof centre support beam.  Specifically they’d sent me one for a 2 metre shed, not a 3 metre one.

See the problem?

So we put the shed together with a few holding screws in it, and I waited for Absco to send me a replacement part.

Which, to their credit, they did a few of weeks ago … but you know … we had the Gold Coast Marathon the next weekend, then I had that weekend cycling in the snow… and I figured there was no rush finishing it off.  Right?

Remember that really windy night we had last week …

Well my shed roof blew off, the walls blew down and my shed basically imploded and is now a twisted mess of metal something like this …

Shed damage reenactment …

Which is why I shouldn’t do projects and why I should keep my money on my travel card for holidays instead.

Projects suck.  The End

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