Jetstar – Epilogue

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I must be the unluckiest person ever when it comes to flying (though some people may be thinking of a recent Malaysian Airlines flight and thinking “well, no, not really … not even close“).

I always seem to get seated in the middle of the plane so I’m the last person trapped in the plane as stupid people take forever to get their bags and get off.

Except occasionally I get one of the back seats … but only if they’re not unloading from the back of the plane in which case I’m still the last person off … it just takes longer.

My luggage is also always the last to come out.

Except on the way back from Christchurch today … when it didn’t come out at all.

Yes, this time Jetstar almost managed to transfer one of my bags onto an international flight after landing in Sydney.  Fortunately it was caught just before it went on the plane and eventually returned to me.

Looking on the bright side, this did mean that there was no customs queue by the time we got to that point and because we got around to domestic check late they put us straight in the “Soon Departing” express lane thus skipping what looked like a 45 minute queue to check our bags in.

Thanks Jetstar.

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