Meehan Ranges Cliff Top Track

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So I know I’m probably the last mountain biker in Hobart to actually get up here, but I finally got up to check out the new Meehan Ranges cliff top track that has been opened by the Hobart Trail Groomers just before Christmas.

I’ve updated the Meehan Ranges map and track notes on to include this new track, so I won’t go into the how to get there stuff, but my impression is that it is 650 metres of bliss along the cliff track and then it’s a steep, and in places tight, little 150 metre push back up to the top (not sure if there are plans to try and switchback that a bit later on).

Coming back the other way (if you can find the trail-head) it’s just a straight out fun ride, although that tight little corner on the way up (you’ll know it when you ride it) seems even tighter when going down the other way …

Overall though it’s another great addition to the fast growing track network up in the Meehan Range Reserve and a credit to the guys who are putting in the time to put these trails out there for the rest of us.

Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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