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As I may or may not have previously mentioned, Kim decided that she would completely renovate my kitchen for me while I was away on this trip.

Now I’m not quite sure how it happened, but somewhere in between her deciding that she was going to do these renovations and my going away, Stephan got landed with the renovating job and Kim got left with an additional cardholders account on my MasterCard with the instruction to spend wisely.

Then, because I have no real say over my life, between the two of them they decided that if I was going to get a new kitchen then they may as well rip up my downstairs carpet and replace it all with wooden flooring as well.

Now as I check my bank account every few days I see that Kim is happily acquiring all the necessities I need.

Like the new curtains.

And the new cushions for my lounge.

Though to be honest, I’m not really complaining. My one contribution to the kitchen effort was to design the layout of the kitchen and to go out and buy all the cabinets, doors etc. before I left …

In my usual way, I did this before work the day before I flew out from Tasmania.

And I stuffed it up.

I’ve been informed that I somehow managed to get the measurements wrong, and apparently if built to my measurements the breakfast bar would extend all the way across the hallway effectively cutting my house in two.


So I’m shutting up now and letting Kim and Stephan make all the decisions …

I’m just waiting for the email to tell me that the stove and cooktop I bought doesn’t fit.

… and the letter from the bank offering to increase my credit card limit.

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