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It appears I’m now old school …

Yep, if my first week on the road is anything to go by, the days of the bag carrying cycle tourist are dead.

Over the last few days I’ve passed hundreds of cyclists on rent-a-bikes carrying little more than a saddlebag and a provided map doing multi day tours organised by a bike touring company.

I’ve stayed in hotels with groups of roadies (generally Americans) who are here for a week to “ride the alps” … with fully equipped support vans following them the whole way.

I’ve also noticed a huge rise in the number of what I call “credit card” cycle-tourists. These are cyclists who book their hotels in advance, eat out and carry very little luggage, often just a small seat post rack attached to their bikes with a waterproof bag.

However there are still some cyclists carrying some gear with them ….

By none as much as me ….

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