Winter Challenge – The New Strategy

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So you may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet of late.

This is largely because I’ve been working 10-12 hour days, 6 days a week and that’s pretty much been my life for the last month, but I also have to confess I’ve been in a downward spiral fitness and motivation wise and between these two forces have largely lost the urge to compete …

Fortunately for me, Kim hasn’t lost this urge, and so has entered us into this weekend’s Winter Challenge (because I haven’t been posting lately you missed the stage in my life where Kim convinced me to get her an additional credit card linked to my account which now means that suddenly we can afford to do lots of extra things …)

The only concession she has made to my whining over not being ready for the event was to agree to my suggested team name “Lanterne Rouge“.

… which if you’re not into cycling is what they call the competitor who is coming last in the Tour De France.  Seemed appropriate … except for the Tour de France bit.
However, thanks to the miracle of new technology, I’ve discovered a way to get a jump on the rest of the field … literally.
Yep, I’ve signed up for the tracking App for the event, and as far as I’m concerned … the race is already on and I’m in front … albeit that I may be slightly off course at this exact moment in time.
Yep, if you’re coming down for the event, or even if you’ve just got nothing else to do, check us out (team 232) at on Sunday.

We’ll be easy to spot as we’ll be the dot off the back of the field somewhere.

Oh, and if you’re wondering from the location of that dot if I’m doing this quick post in work hours, well yes I am, but when you’re at work 12 hours a day … I reckon you deserve some leeway on these things.  I just hope my boss agrees.

Hopefully see you all on Sunday (don’t be afraid to cheer me across the line .. if you haven’t already packed up and gone home). 

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