Winter’s coming

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Yesterday, the early morning sun reflected off the damp surface of Proctor’s Road making it look like the road was covered in ice as I plunged down the hill on my mountain bike.  I was terrified and fully expecting my front wheel to slip out from under me at any second.

My fingers and cheeks were tingling with the cold as I pressed oh so gently on my brakes trying to lose speed, but not my life.

I of course survived and just a few minutes later it was like I was in another world as I rode up towards Fitzroy Place.  The warm sun was now spearing down through the yellowing autumn trees, and the first piles of leaves were taking shape alongside the road just ripe for me to tromp and cycle through with glee.

This morning as I rode down, the sky was dark and overcast, all colour bleached from the day.

Today Proctors road was even wetter than yesterday, but the surface just looked like a wet road and I plunged down with glee not touching my brakes at all.

There was no sun to light up the leaves this morning, but still I couldn’t help but feel wonderful about the world.

Winter is coming, hurrah!

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