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This scene made me so happy when I wandered in to check on Baldrick and Teresa last night  …

B&T packing for their next flight …

No, not because Teresa and Baldrick were packing up and leaving … (that actually made me a bit sad, but don’t let them know) .

What made me smile to the very tips of my toes was the fact that at 10pm, the night before getting on their plane, all their gear was strewn from one end of the room to the other in what looked like disorganised chaos.

This means it’s not just me that puts these things off to the last second, and that’s worth a big smile.

What doesn’t make me smile is that they’ve still got five months of adventures ahead of them before returning home … I on the other hand had better stop doing this quick blog and get back to what they pay me to do … sigh.

Happy onwards travels you two.

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