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It’s official … I am no longer in that minority group of Tasmanians who haven’t yet been to MONA

Yep, after many years of half-heartedly meaning to go, but never actually getting there, some friends of mine (Baldrick and Teresa), arrived in Hobart this weekend and they wanted to go, so we went.

I have to say it was kind of cool, though first impressions weren’t that good – the first exhibit was a heart rate pulse light room thing which transfers your heart beat into a flashing light buld.  It proved what I already knew, but had been able to hide from most others up until now … I’m heartless.

Yep there was one light bulb travelling through that room that was just off all the time… and it was all mine.

Once I got past that disappointment though, I liked lots of the other exhibits, especially the word waterfall  … the symbology of it just touched me.  However, after a bit of reflection I’ve decided the exhibit which has stuck in my mind the most is this one…

I think it was called the White Library and what consumes me about it is the idea that somewhere in one of those books the artist may have written something to explain it all … but I’m not allowed to go through them all and search for what it might be.  That just rips me apart.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other things in life to distract me … like explaining how a monkey bar should be used to a Glaswegian Parkour addict and his wonderful partner …

But … it doesn’t work … it’s too small!
See … this is how you do it.

Yep, I guess some things are just meant to be a mystery … like what’s inside an artist’s mind and how to use kiddies monkey bars at Fern Tree, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still be explored.

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