Early impressions …

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So, early impressions of New Zealand …

They still smoke in cafes and around kids (not good), their national soft drink seems to consist of sugar, lemon flavouring and water (tastes great, but just seems wrong), the cafe menu’s don’t seem to have fish and chips anymore … they have fish and fries (are they really that self conscious about how they say chups?) … but overall we’re loving it.

We’re well and truly into camping improvisation mode … Kim procured a large frypan form a “take what you want” box in the kitchen today, and then had me prepare a massive serving of mashed potatoes with my tiny little Kathmandu knife …

It was an unfair fight really … I was hungry so those poor little spuds didn’t stand a chance.

Yep, things are simpler on the road, and I’m loving it.

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