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I have far to fertile an imagination.

You see, I recently got hooked on the US TV series “The Walking Dead“.

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It’s a classic zombie story, but I don’t care, I’m just loving it for what it is … I’ll watch three or four episodes back to back while I should be doing much more important things. 

I can’t help myself … as each episode ends, I just have to know what happens in the next episode … I have to know, and I have to know straight away.

Problem is that then I go to bed … and I start thinking about it … and it’s dark.

Zombie’s like the dark.

In the dark, they can break into my bedroom like they do on the TV show and zombify me. 

I know I’m supposed to be a grown adult and all … but I’ve got too much of an imagination and I just lie there thinking about it.  Then I’ll hear a noise like someone is walking up my stairs and I know it’s zombies, just like in the television show.

Last night I actually locked my bedroom door.  I have never in my adult life locked my bedroom door.

I am such a wuss …

… but I still bet I’ll watch another episode (or three) tonight.

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