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I woke up and glanced at the time on my ceiling … 5am … exactly.

My alarm wasn’t due to go off for another hour and a half, but light was already streaming through my closed curtains.   I noticed it was nearly ten degrees outside … just a couple of days ago it was just above freezing and I thought there would be snow on the lawn when I opened the curtains.

I jumped out of bed and before I knew what I was doing I was cleaning out the spare room, carrying my repair stand and mountain bike outside and stripping it down, deep cleaning the chain and replacing and realigning the disk brake pads … front and back … they really needed it, trust me.

By 7am my bike was looking somewhat recovered from its winter beatings and ready for our planned sojourn to the North East this weekend.

As I packed my cleaning gear away, I stopped to just enjoy the fact that it was 7am, I’d already had a great morning and god darn it … it was a beautiful day. 

Kim usually stays Wednesday night, but as I stepped into the shower I realised that as she was flying up to Melbourne for the day to pick up her new road bike I had a chance to get out for a paddle with the club tonight …

Then I realised something even more interesting … the days are getting longer … Summer is coming.

Now that’s a good thought.

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