Four Springs 4Hr Enduro

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So what can I tell you about today’s enduro …

It was wet, very wet.

Rain on my windscreen.

But if it was very wet, then it was extremely muddy …

and yet still they came …

and they raced …

Even I raced … truth be told I even enjoyed it, despite appearances to the contrary …

Two hours in, as I huddled in my car trying to keep warm between my laps, I heard a cheer go up from outside.  I didn’t give it much thought as I thought it was just a team cheering someone through transition.

Ten minutes later I struggled back out into the weather, grabbed my muddy bike and pushed over to the strangely empty transition area.  As I entered the meager shelter of the transition tent, a guy turned to me and said “Don’t worry mate, it’s over … they’ve shortened it to a two hour event because of the weather.” 

At least I assume he said that last bit, I was already back over at my car getting changed into my dry warm clothes by the time he got to the “it’s over” bit.

In fact, I think out of the entire field there was only one person who was unhappy about finishing early …

 … the Kim machine, who got through her second lap and was fired up for her third.

Must have been that great dinner she had last night.

and that was our muddy weekend.

If you’re interested, the course is here from my first (and only) lap.

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