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I arrived in Squamish today and headed straight for my first mountain bike trails

Typical “green”(easy) trail …

Squamish has over 250km of mountain bike trails (at least I think I read that somewhere), which as far as I can figure out is more than we’ve got in all of Tasmania … with about 200kms to spare.

With this background I am sure you can understand how it came to be that I got lost  before I even found the first trail head.

My getting lost may also have something to do with a new subdivision which (much to my amusement) was being sold as being “for those that loved the outdoor lifestyle”.  Meanwhile it seemed that half the trail network has been closed so the subdivision could be built.

I spent a lot of time today being lost, and I have no real idea where I went as there are no signs out there.  I only saw two other riders the whole time I was exploring and I pushed my bike along lots of track that was way beyond my skill and confidence level.  As far as I can sort of figure out I accidentally wandered into a black diamond area … at least I hope I did, otherwise this is going to be more of a walking than cycling holiday.

After getting very lost, I ended up following this powerline back to civilisation.
love the road sign.
Found a nice section of track along the river

These aren’t the groomed IMBA standard trails I was expecting – they’re rough, muddy, narrow and covered in slippery roots.

Yay … can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow and have another look around.

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