Katherine Hot Springs

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We’d done quite a bit of driving in the previous days and had some time up our sleeves, so decided to have a lazy day in Katherine rather than dash back up the highway to Litchfield.

So a bit of shopping, a visit to a coffee shop (even if it was only a coffee club cafe) and then we spent an afternoon alternating between visits to the Katherine Hot Springs and the much, much colder swimming pool at the caravan park.

Katheine Hot Springs

The pools were wonderfully clear, and made for some great photographic opportunities.  They reminded me off my swim down the rivers at Bonito in Brazil where you could simultaneously watch monkeys sitting in the trees throwing seeds into the water and the fish below eating the seeds at the same time.

Waterproof camera, half in and half our of water.
I particularly liked these two shots- the first is of some plams just above the hot springs, with the second being the same photo taken just below the surface of the water.

Only annoying thing was Kim’s camera seemed to take better underwater pictures than my camera.
I suggested sometime during the day that we should have Chinese for dinner (I think it was when we first drove past the chinese restaurant, and I think my exact suggestion was “chinese!” proving that one word can be an entire sentence and be understood by another person, although perhaps only when that other person is doing all of the cooking).
We stayed at the caravan park right next to the hot springs in Katherine which was very convenient, and after all the screaming flying foxes of the previous camp ground, it was nice to eat breakfast in almost complete silence as we watched one car after another shuffle out of the park for destinations unknown …

Nope, we didn’t hear a single horn all morning.

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