The Crocodile Circus

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Expectations can really kill an experience – no matter how good something is, if you expected it to be better, then you’ll still be disappointed and that sucks.  It’s why one of my few rules about travel is to have “no expectations”.  Good rule, difficult to implement.

I had pretty low expectations for the jumping crocodile cruise on the Adelaide River, even if I have to admit at the same time being reluctantly excited about going on it.

Turns out that it would be one of the absolute highlights of the trip … really well run, and just amazing to see all these crocodiles up real close and personal.

I had in my mind this one poor crocodile jumping up and down all day for the entertainment of the tourists (yes, including me).  To see so many crocs, of all different sizes and personalities was just brilliant.

Kind of glad though that we did this after doing the rest of the trip.

My only concern was how much thought had gone into the life saving devices for the boat …

 … I mean really?  didn’t it occur to someone, somewhere, that a sit in, fully enclosed raft might be slightly more useful than one where you all swim along in the river for a cruise boat where they teach crocodiles that anything falling off the side of a boat should be eaten.  Seriously?

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