Beechworth Mountain Bike Park

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I found it.
Maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s got to be as close to it as you can get when you mix together two wheels and some dirt.  The Beechworth Mountain Bike Park is the track I’ve been looking for over here on the Mainland.  It was 10kms of 10/10 riding.  Not that I’m getting carried away or anything.
Crammed into a surprisingly small area, whichever genius put this cross country course together knows how I like to ride.  
The surprising thing after all this gushing is that the trail is surprisingly simply, but it just mixes things up nicely, a nice little climb, then a nice fun descent and just when you’re getting ready for a change it almost always comes along, whether it’s a change of scenery, a tricky corner, an unexpected obstacle or a nice rock to find your way around or over.  It has just got the right balance to provide bliss.

I don’t need to say anything more than that.  This is a track that speaks for itself.
It’s even got wildlife …

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