Cadbury Marathon 2017

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I’d planned on getting a bit of a ride in today on the Scott 710 Plus bike while Kim ran her marathon (to test the bike out on roads and gravel trails).

But then I slept in a bit and so got there after Kim had already run two thirds of the distance which left me a bit time-constrained in my ride options.

After paying $5 for parking (rip off!) near Cadbury’s, I then started cycling towards the Derwent Entertainment Centre figuring I’d pass Kim one way or the other.

I had in fact only got a few kilometres down the road when I got a message from Kim saying “Dying – bring coke” or something to that effect, so I duly detoured into Glenorchy to find a service station to buy a can of coke and deliver it to her.

How’s that for a support crew upgrade.  I’m getting better each year.

Anyways – after her coke recharge, Kim cruised over the finish line to chalk up her first full Cadbury Marathon.

Next stop – Gone Nuts 101.

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