Mt Fuji

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The first thing we discovered when we got to the town we were staying at near Mt Fuji is that there was absolutely no signage in English.

We rode right past our accommodation place several times before we were finally assured by a young Japanese school student that the building ‘over there’ was actually where we were staying.
The hotel owners also spoke no english, and it was a bit of a shock to the system as we walked into our very spartan room and realised exactly what our $100 a night traditional Japanese room actually meant (sorry no photos) but imagine a floor and a very low table and you basically have it.
But we were at Mt Fuji and we had our bikes, so after a nights sleeping on a very hard futon, we set off …
… to find breakfast.
And we did!
… Albeit it took us 30 minutes to find somewhere.
Yes, we were starting to discover that a lot of restaurants actually had english menus if you went inside.
More importantly we found our first large supermarket and we found that you could buy large bottles of bourbon for around $10!!!  
In fact we found food (and obviously drinks) were amazingly cheap, so we had a lovely cheap lunch of sushi and other food, then we went for a ride around the lake … our first real ride of any distance (20ms) on our folding bikes.

So despite Mt Fuji being covered in cloud, we had a good day, the bikes rode well and I’m really enjoying being in a Country where you don’t have to wear a helmet.
… but yes, we did have Indian for dinner again.

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