Mt Fuji II

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The weather forecast was for low cloud all day, so we departed Mt Fuji somewhat despondent to have come this far to only really see the mountain from afar on our trip in.

Then, we came around the corner from our hotel to find ourselves greeted with great views of Mt Fuji as we cycled to the train station …

… and then cycled right past the train station, on our way to another train station 30kms away.

Yes, I’m a skinflint and Kim likes to ride, so when I suggested we cycle back to Otsuki to save ourselves the $30 train fare, she readily agreed, especially when I assured her that there appeared to be a small back road the whole way that we could follow.

Yea, note to self: Japan doesn’t seem to have quiet back roads.

We ended up cycling through 30kms of metropolis, and although it wasn’t too bad, it also wasn’t the quiet back roads through quaint rural villages we were hoping for.

Still we got there (with one short break at a McDonalds we passed on the way) and then spent the rest of the day jumping from train to train on our way to Kyoto.

I have to confess I was staggered and shocked by the almost unbroken metropolis we passed through on the way to Kyoto.    It was just an unending mass of humanity, and to be honest I found it both depressing and scary.  It just doesn’t seem sustainable to me.

Apparently I’m a malthusian.  Who knew.

The things you learn when you go travelling.

PS. we had Chinese for dinner tonight  – just for a change from Indian.

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