Bucket List #101 – Experience an Earthquake

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Sometimes I’m so funny I make the ground shake.

I’ve been laid low in Yokohama with an extremely sore foot, but Kim and I did manage to make it out onto the bikes briefly to go and get some lunch at a place she saw down the road that took her interest.
It was on the way back from lunch that we rode past a police station which had all of its lights flashing red on the outside, and I quipped to Kim that something was ‘going down’.
Five minutes later, just as we stepped out of the elevator onto the 10th floor of our hotel, the whole building started to move and shake … we were having an earthquake.
I thought this was the coolest (albeit slightly scary) thing ever and I immediately wondered why I’d never put it on my bucket list.

I even got an emergency warning message on my phone … not quite sure what it says though…

I did get a little bit worried after a minute or so as the building continued to shake and twist and creak, but mores because the cleaner lady, who was in the hallway with us, started looking quite worried, but apparently we survived because I’m typing this.
Strangely though neither of us were particularly keen to jump in the lifts and head off anywhere … and two hours lately Kim’s still threatening to sleep in her clothes with her shoes on …
For my next joke, I shall predict a typhoon on our flight home …

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