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So let’s pretend that four adults and four children make their way to Partridge Island for a kayak camping weekend, and then let’s play a game called “Which of these things did the Rambler do?

No Markus, we’re not there yet“, heard from the TassieRambler
approximately 15 metres from the launch point with 9kms to go. 

So question one: each adult brought different items to the island, which items did the Rambler bring:

a) A brand new self supporting tent ideal for the different camping options we might come across;
b) A yummy casserole and a cask of wine;
c) Fishing reels for catching dinner and entertaining kids; or
d) 15 boxes of matches, 630 matches, 24 firelighters, 6 candles and a pruning saw.

“The Kids?  No the kids are fine, they’re just behind me playing with matches,
now leave me alone, I’m eating this yummy casserole.”

Yes, the answer is d.

OK, if you got that one right, then try this: the same four adults and four children go for a walk, which of these statements do you think the Rambler said:

a) “Come check this out, there’s bricks from the old homestead over here”
b) “Where’s the first aid kit? Zara’s been bitten by a jack-jumper”
c) “Now be careful climbing up that tree, and make sure the branches can hold you”
d) “See how high you can get, do you reckon you can get to the top? …”

“You call that the top – I can still see your face (with binoculars)”
“Four kids up the tree at the same time – now that’s thinking
they’ll be able to catch each other if one falls”.

Yes, the answer is (d) again and I’m thinking that it could be that I still have a few things to learn about risk management around kids, but thankfully (and more due to good luck than good management) we all survived the weekend and although I suspect that Cath, Jon and Kim are all frazzled and stressed from our little sojourn … I had a great time, and that’s all that matters right?

I gave Zara a waterproof camera and appointed her the ‘official photographer’ for the weekend, but after downloading her photos,I think that there may have been a slight problem with this strategy …

Some seaweed
A sort of lopsided scenic shot.
Another Selfie
Uhm … the ferry wake.
You have to love the Photo Bomb from markus ..

The mind of a seven year old is a wondrous thing!

Cath McComb has written a brilliant blog on our trip here, so I won’t rewrite all that stuff, but here’s a photo montage of the weekend from me …

packing (OK, this is another Zara shot)
Kayaks on the ferry.
Selfies weren’t enough … more photos of Zara had to be taken.
On the Island
Cath fishing.
Searching for bait.
Pretty flowers
Lovely *but scratchy* walks

The McComb’s on safari …

Corrupting the young one’s (note the candle)

And that was our weekend, and I’m so proud of me because, as promised, I never once mentioned what happened when Jon did his match flicking trick.

Not once.

The End …

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