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Ninety-nine times out of a hundred when people contact me and suggest that we go for a ride somewhere, I think about it for about five seconds (because that seems like a polite enough time not to appear rude and I do have to figure out what excuse I’m going to give) and then I say something like “Thanks, but [insert excuse here] … maybe you can send me the GPS route?

This isn’t because I don’t like human beings (in the main, I do) it’s because (a) I’m a severe introvert so spending time with actual live human beings is the mental equivalent of doing a 24 hour enduro for me, and (b) I’m one of the slowest riders in Tasmania and I know I’m not much fun to ride with for anyone who can actually ride a bike.

But then there’s that other one time out of a hundred  …

That time when the offer is just too good for even me to refuse.  The time when I’m offered the chance to ride trails I may otherwise never get to see …

That’s what happened this weekend, when I was given a chance to ride with the self-proclaimed and unofficial Tasmanian chapter of the Rough Stuff Fellowship

Rough Stuff Fellowship checking in with their wives …
I mean placing bets on an illegal dog fight because they’re rough and tough. 
and selecting their mascot … I’ve heard that the Hell’s Angels
selected their mascot this way too.

So the offer was this … come for a weekend away to somewhere you won’t be able to write about it, or let anyone know where you’ve been, but it will be kind of awesome in an “oh hey, look, there’s a thylacine” awesome sort of way … and so good was the offer that I didn’t even wait my usual five seconds before responding …  I was in.

Here’s why ….

Yep … it was a brilliant weekend … in fact beyond brilliant.  We explored some beautiful trails, we got lost a few times, we camped out under a full moon and even saw an amazing moonbow.

Night time photo (Source: Peter Mellows) with no flash.
Night time shot.

Anyone else got some offers for rides like that?


  1. Hey mate. Just came across your blog. That is an EPIC ride and some awesome scenery. That moon-bow is something I'd love to see. What kind of bike did you take? Can't quite tell if its a fat or not. Cheers!

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