Swan Point (Gravelly Beach)

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It may surprise some people (it certainly surprised me) that sometimes I go for a ride … and I just have a pleasant ride.

Like I did today.

I love it when people get in contact and send me route ideas (especially when they include track notes, gpx route and photos) … and Andy Collins goes to the top of the list of people I like for doing exactly that last month when he let me know about a short 13km loop from Gravelly Beach out around the Little Swan Point Walking Trail (bicycles allowed on the formed path) and back along the road to the car.

This route is pretty easy to follow (especially if you have a gpx route), but it’s a ride to be taken at a relaxed pace and enjoyed, not raced.  I met close to a dozen different groups, often including young kids or older couples, walking along the trail.

As I was just rambling along there were no problems and a friendly hello meant everyone was happy, but you could easily see that a few idiots chasing strava times around this trail could get it closed off for the rest of us … and that would be a real shame.

The track itself twists and turns in a beautiful way.  Sometimes it follows grassy verges, jumps out onto the beach and wherever it goes it just invites you to enjoy it …

Wouldn’t you agree?

Thanks Andy!

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