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I think it’s pretty amazing that I can knock of work at 5pm and then the next morning walk out of the airport in Christchurch ready to start a holiday.
Which way is the Car Hire place again?

I also think its pretty amazing (but not in such a good way) that Jetstar can somehow fly me from Hobart to Christchurch for under $250, that they can get me from Hobart to Melbourne in around 60 minutes, but that it still somehow takes them 45 minutes to get my luggage from the plane to the carousel which is only about 1km away.

But that one minor hitch was the only hiccup in our flights over to New Zealand, where after a two hour wait for the van hire company to open and another hour wait for the vehicle to be ready, we were on our way south …

On the road again …

… admittedly for only about two hours at which point we both crawled over into the back of the van and had an emergency catch up sleep, then we were on our way south …

Church of the Good Shephard, lake Tekapo

We’re on holiday … yay, yay, yay!

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

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