Free WiFi and Pork Crackle

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After our last trip to New Zealand, I posted a Cyclists Tips Post where I mentioned that WiFi access was pretty good in New Zealand with MacDonalds everywhere having free WiFi.

That doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.  At one McDonalds we went to in Queenstown you had to make a minimum $5 purchase to get a 1 hour (max 50mb) login (which lasted me about 7 minutes because my stupid ipad decided to update a bunch of apps) and at another McDonalds we went to in Christchurch the WiFi just didn’t work.

However, whilst sitting at a table near Fox Glacier watching Kim gleefully consume the towns entire stock of Pork Crackle ….

… I discovered that I can now access the Telecom free wifi (for seven days) which is available at nearly every public phone in New Zealand.

Have I mentioned that I love New Zealand … almost as much as Kim loves Pork Crackle.


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