Wednesday Night Paddle

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Some things are priceless …

Like paddling down into tough seas on a Wednesday night after work with a good group of people, then turning around and having a great little run home afterwards.

Note: This was from a previous paddle (my first bit of file footage)

Some things are fun.

Like deciding that it will be a laugh to see if I could sit on my ski sideways in one metre seas and move my crocs (see picture above) from in front of my feet (where they were getting washed away by the waves) and put them under the bungee behind me … without falling into the water.

Turns out I couldn’t.

But it was a warm night and I didn’t mind going for a brief dip.

And then some things are just plain annoying and expensive …

Like getting back to your car after your paddle and discovering that you may not have clipped tight the bottom hatch on your lifeproof phone case before showing it in your lifejacket that night …

Cost for breaking my Telstra Contract:  $50
Cost for paying out my phone:  $198
Increased monthly rental rate for my new iPhone 5s:  $11
Now useless Lifeproof Case and Phone Mount:  $139
Opportunity cost from having to upgrade to the ‘improved’ Telstra Plan:  I get half a GB less bandwidth and less calls.

As they say, some things in life are priceless … for everything else … there’s Mastercard.

PS. Anyone with an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S that wants a slightly used Lifeproof Phone Case and probably bike mount  … drop me a comment.

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