Untangling Tangara

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I spent this afternoon exploring a whole lot of trails around the northern part of the Tangara Trail basically picking and riding routes that would take me onto sections of the trail I haven’t ridden before …

Some were duds …
and some were absolutely brilliant …
(Tip check out the Tara track, can’t believe I’ve never ridden that one!).
Anyway, I wasn’t looking for new trails today, but rather doing the ground work for the next MTBNav Rogaine which was scheduled for January next year, but which looks like it will now get pushed back to March to be part of Bike Week.
I reckon it’s going to be a corker of an event, but then I would because it’s my wicked mind that’s working away trying to figure out how to make it challenging, scenic and fun at the same time.
And I reckon I’m doing a pretty good job! 
Hope to see you there.

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