Orford Foreshore Track

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Did you know that there was a Foreshore Track at Orford?


Well, nor did I until, on impulse, I headed across the road after my ride up the Old Convict Road and found myself on a delightful little track that heads all the way out to Raspins Beach.

This trail is so unknown that not even the Google Gods can tell you much about it, but it would make an ideal day out from Hobart for families with small kids.

The track (at least the ridable section of it) runs from Raspins Beach in the North to Shelly Beach in the south, and there’s plenty of gorgeous beaches (including some nice spots for snorkelling), a few free BBQ areas, two playgrounds, a netball court and a couple of coffee shops along its short route, and yet I can find only the barest mentions of it anywhere online …

You can also continue on foot down past Spring Beach.

It just seems a real shame to me to have such a lovely little trail sitting out there with so few people on it.

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