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I finally did it …I came dead last (114th out of 114 teams) in a major MTB event.

Yep, that’s me down the bottom there. (Source:
After flirting with the back end of the field for a long, long time now, this is the nail in the coffin for any delusions I may have that I can still ride a mountain bike in my current condition, and I am stoked over the result.
Admittedly it helped not turning up for two days, but I’m still claiming it … The “Lanterne Rouge” is mine.
I don’t think Kim is quite as stoked as me, but then unlike me she doesn’t realise I usually need to crash and burn before I can pick myself up and start heading upwards again.
This was a crash and burn.
So now I’m aiming high … Hellfire Cup next year … I plan on beating at least one quarter of the other riders.  
Yea, I know … big dreams … I intend on only being beaten by three out of every four riders (so if you’re a really, really slow rider could I encourage you to enter next years event please to help me out …)
Kim meanwhile would just like anyone who might be looking for a partner for next years Hellfire Cup to know that she is willing to make herself available …
Nah, only kidding.  She’d never desert me … would you … Kim?


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